ImagineFX – June 06 2016


    Whether you want to be a world-class artist or step up your game as a hobbyist, diving into the world of anatomy is always a good idea. Working on this issue, I was amazed at how many methods there are to depict the human form. Stan Prokopenko’s approach gets to the bones of the matter over on page 106, but you’ll find loads of different perspectives in these pages – not least of all in our anatomyspecial Q&A section (page 32). Inspired by the process of figure drawing, we asked Aaron Griffin to lay bare his method on the cover. There’s something compelling about seeing those initial sketch lines morph into a realistic human form, and I think he’s captured it in his painting, and explains it all brilliantly in his workshop over on page 64. Of course, we like things fun and freaky in ImagineFX, so carrying the theme of anatomy into fantasy, Ed Binkley’s workshop on creating a human fly will get the imagination going, starting on page 70. And Loopydave’s take on caricature anatomy is packed with fascinating tips on page 76. It seems fitting with all this art theory whizzing around this issue, that we take a look at some of the best online art schools around, and that’s exactly what games artist, and all-round delightful chap, Paul Canavan does over on page 46. Along with this issue’s workshops, I hope that’s more than enough to get you excited about sharpening your anatomy skills, and creating some amazing art.

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