Harding's Lessonson Drawing

     John Ruskin's drawing master and sketching companion, James Duffield Harding (1798–1863) ranked among nineteenth-century England's most respected watercolorists, art critics, and teachers. Harding's reputation as an elegant, well-trained, and accomplished sketcher is evidenced by his drawings from nature and his compositions of picturesque landscapes. With this manual, the great instructor offers practical advice about the best methods, in addition to pointers on how to cultivate the kinds of correct observation and sound judgment that endow drawings with life.

Through 127 distinct lessons, Harding trains both the hand and the mind. He discusses the fundamentals of drawing lines and circles, the depiction of light and shade, the formation of accurate perspective, and many other techniques. Succinct examination questions help reinforce the teachings, along with numerous illustrations throughout the text.

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