The Big Book of Watercolor Painting

PDF| 37.8MB | 194Pages
     In this introduction to the basics of watercolor painting, beginners will learn all they need to know. Lessons and practical exercises highlight the instruction. This is a wonderful reference book for the watercolor painter. It contains all kinds of useful information to help you understand the medium and improve your knowledge and skills. The first 40 pages provide a great history of watercolor painting, so often overlooked in the overall scheme of art history. Then all the aspects of setting up a work area and studio are covered followed by a very thorough materials and tools section. There are example pictures and descriptions of everything from easels to paper and brushes to paint. There is also a paper stretching demo and a watercolor color chart.

The Big Book of Watercolor Painting The Big Book of Watercolor Painting Reviewed by Film Pub on 3:47 AM Rating: 5
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