Master Drawings The Woodner Collection

Master Drawings. The Woodner Collection 
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     The intentions behind the creation of great collections of old master drawings have been various. Vasari and Reynolds were fascinated by the preliminary compositional explorations and draughtsmanship of their distinguished fellow practitioners, Fairfax Murray and Kenneth Clark were impelled by a learned appreciation, while committed amateurs such as Lord Burlington and Mariette enjoyed the aesthetic pleasure derived from moments of quiet contemplation. It is within these points of reference that the remarkable collection of Mr Ian Woodner rightly takes its place. Assembled over the past thirty years, this collection gives a comprehensive survey of the level of excellence of the tradition of drawing. Ranging over all schools of European art from the fifteenth century to the twentieth, the artists represented provide a roll-call of distinction: Leonardo, Raphael, G.B. Tiepolo, Diirer, Rembrandt, Claude, Poussin, Degas, Redon, Cezanne, Goya and Picasso.
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