The Art of Dead Space

The Art of Dead Space is the ultimate gallery of the Dead Space universe, with over 300 iconic concept art images and sketches, many never seen before, and detailed commentary from the acclaimed artists throughout. From the Necromorph-infested depths of the USG Ishimura to the frozen tundras of Tau Volantis, Dead Space's dramatic scope is sure to tantalize and terrify in equal parts. From awe-inspiring vistas and gruesome Necromorphs to minutely-detailed character designs and the Church of Unitology, here is an unparalleled collection of the finest space-horror gaming art ever collected. This exclusive edition contains an additional 32-page gallery of exclusive and previously unpublished art from across the game series, including images from Christopher Shy's Dead Space graphic novels, plus a gallery foreword from Dead Space 3 Creative Director, Ben Wanat, all encased in a soft-touch clamshell box featuring Isaac and Carver art from Dead Space 3 and limited to a printing of 1,000 copies. 224 pages, approx. size 9" x 12" For a limited time, every art book order will come with a free Chrome Plated Marker Pendant (while supplies last). THIS ITEM IS RELEASED AND SHIPS ASAP

PDF | 48MB

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