Japanese Painting

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     The earliest examples of pictorial art in Japan are designs engraved on prehistoric pottery and wall paintings in prehistoric tombs Buddhism was introduced in the 6th century AD, and by the 7th century the techniques and iconography of the Asiatic mainland had been assimilated , witness the decorations of the temple at Nara, while the 8th-century screen paintings and miniatures in the imperial treasure of the Shoso-in prove that the Japanese painters of the Nara Period could match the subtlest refinements of classical Chinese painting From the 10th to the 12th century Buddhist painting in Japan gradually broke free of Chinese influence Secular painting flourished too, and in the decorations of the imperial palace and the residences of great noblemen a truly Japanese mode of expression was worked out and developed Poems, novels and religious legends were illustrated, and the golden age of scroll painting from the 12th to the 14th century produced a long and varied series of masterpieces reflecting every aspect of Japanese life in the Middle Ages, From the 13th century on, Zen Buddhism introduced a deeper, graver note info the spiritual life of the country.

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