Acuarela - Pintar en 30 Minutos

PDF | 35.3MB | 95pages
    This practical and inspirational guide, in a handy sketchbook format, is aimed at the practised beginner and shows how to achieve successful watercolours in just 30 minutes – ideal for the busy amateur artist who doesn’t have too much time to paint.

    Many people think they don’t have enough time to paint, but in this attractive guide Fiona Peart encourages quick and simple learning. By working with just a few materials and focusing on just the key techniques it is possible to achieve successful paintings in no more than half an hour. And for those artists who already have a little painting experience, learning to work more quickly enables them to free up their style and paint more spontaneously.

    All the main topics are covered, from choosing the right equipment, learning about brush strokes and the key techniques to using colour, emphasizing tone, direct painting and deciding on a subject. There are practical projects and step-by-step demonstrations as well as helpful tips and checklists. Subjects covered include still life, boats, water, flowers, landscapes, people, animals and buildings.

Acuarela - Pintar en 30 Minutos  Acuarela - Pintar en 30 Minutos Reviewed by Digital - Tutors on 5:33 PM Rating: 5
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