100 Home Design Principles

100 Home Design Principles by Arthur Gao
Design Media Publishing Ltd | 2011 | ISBN: 9881507103 | English | 202 double pages | PDF | 61.85 MB
This book combines the essence of architecture and art, and explores how designers find new ways in which to balance the various contradictions and conflicts and to perfectly express their understanding of space and the owners' initial ideas and requirements. At the same time, each new project always contains many uncertain factors that refer to the furnishings or even space composition. Each of these factors seem to tell a never ending story and records people's feeling of excitement, confusion, recalling and longing. In order to illustrate the essence of interior design in a more accurate way, this book has systematically deconstructed every aspect of interior design that refers to space, structure, interface, decoration as well as special areas. Each aspect is highly detailed and illustrated from the point of functional area, besides, descriptive text and the corresponding plan vividly recur the transformation from plane to space, from the abstract to the intuition. Readers will not only find inspiration from the projects showcased in this book, but will also experience the peculiarity of interior design and enjoy the tactile sensation of the textured space.


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